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Dedicated GPS over Smartphone

Image for article Dedicated GPS over Smartphone

We had Tom in store this morning delivering Garmin training. I can never help myself from teasing Tom that my smartphone removes the need for a dedicated GPS. Sometimes he plays along, other times he cuts me dead. This time however, no sooner had he left the building, and not even from a coffee shop, but from his car, he emailed me through this response.

“Outdoor handheld GPS units are designed specifically for the outdoors, rugged and waterproof, Garmin units can handle anything the Lake District can throw at them, while being clipped to the outside of your rucksack or on the handlebars. Running on AA batteries as well, means carrying spares is simple and easy meaning unlike your smartphone, your Garmin is with you through your epics. Garmin have been making GPS devices for nearly 20 years now and have a heritage in durable units.

Garmin devices work with Ordnance Survey mapping, stored directly on the device, so no phone signal is needed to get your Garmin working. You are shown your live position on the map and using the barometric altimeter accurate altitude data is recorded. The new Oregon 700 series are like a smartphone too, get text, email and social media notification while your phone is tucked safely in your bag, live Geocache downloads and weather updates via Bluetooth connection.”

And do you know what? Even I can’t argue with that. Thank you Tom.

27 September 2016 by Mark Wright

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