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My background is a little different to most of the staff here, the outdoors is not only my passion, but also been my main source of employment all of my working life.

I never wanted a traditional “indoor” office job so I set out to find work outside doing adventurous activities.

Since the age of 18 working as an outdoor activity instructor I've been fortunate enough to go hiking and mountaineering in Alaska, canoeing in New Zealand, and mountain biking in South Africa.

I try and spend my holidays in the French alps in winter and summer conditions, I’ve got a long list of unfinished bike routes, climbs, and cake shops to visit!.

However I always end up back in the Lake District. It has so many world class adventures to offer in such a small area, it's brilliant!

Primarily I spend my time on the shop floor fitting footwear, though I do tend to move about a bit within the store when called upon for another point of view or to answer a geeky question. 

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