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Making Movies

Written by George Fisher

Image for article Making Movies

So, one of my daughter’s main hobbies is making short films. As you know one of mine is walking, and of late I’ve taken a real interest in urban walking. So we thought we’d combine the two and make a short film about, you guessed it; urban walking.

We actually set out to make something which was both entertaining and educational. What we ended up with was something closer to comical.

That’s what walking does of course; it distracts you. It distracts you from the humdrum of daily life, from worry or work, and when needed; world affairs.

Do we mind that our carefully prepared plan lost direction? No we don’t!

Walking is all about passing the time enjoyably and we certainly did that. It’s also about spending time together; whether that’s parent and child, boyfriend and girlfriend, family, friends, work colleagues. Just get out and walk; pass the time enjoyably and forget about everything else for a few hours.

Enjoy the film!