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Helinox Chairs - Sitting is Believing

Image for article Helinox Chairs - Sitting is Believing

Lightest. Strongest.

Is it strong enough to do the job? Is it light enough to carry?
Those are the big questions when it comes to outdoor adventure equipment and it can be hard to find gear that answers ‘yes’ to both.
Helinox provides you chairs that are both strong and light – thanks to the technologically advanced alloy TH72M.
Developed by DAC to meet the demands of ultra-lightweight expedition tents, TH72M achieves the ultimate combination of maximum strength with minimum weight.

Why Helinox?

Helinox leads the world in innovative lightweight equipment & furniture. Our portable chairs have been and still are at the cutting edge of technical design & innovation since the launch of Chair One in 2012.
They are also the lightest and strongest available.

A heritage of innovation

When the world's best tent makers want lightweight alloy poles, there's only one place they go: the DAC company in South Korea. DAC has spent many years developing innovative new techniques required to produce high-strength lightweight alloy tubing. It was from this long history of design & innovation that Helinox was born 2009

Award winning design

Helinox products have received many prestigious awards for design excellence. These innovative designs combine lightweight with comfort, outstanding comfort, meaning you no longer sacrifice comfort for weight saving. The innovative designs allows you sit without contact with any of the alloy frame.

Helinox Chairs - Sitting is Believing

The best materials

This advanced alloy that provides maximum strength with minimum weight. Alloy sections are treated using a 'Green Anodising' process – better the environment and factory workers.
Hubs and joining components are moulded using a high-strength nylon. This provides solid and secure sockets for the alloy sections.
Premium fabrics are combined with reinforcing panels and durable stitching – producing seats & carry bags that won't fall apart over many years of regular use.

Gentle strength

To guard against corrosion and preserve appearance, aluminium alloy components need to be anodised.
Traditionally the anodising process involved boiling alloy components in a brew of nitric & phosphoric acids.
Long before ‘eco’ became a buzz word in the industry, DAC started trying to eliminate harmful nitric & phosphoric acids from the anodising process.
After 8 years of trial and error, DAC perfected the ‘Green Anodising’ system that is used to treat all Helinox products. A water recycling program in the anodising facility further reduces environmental impacts.
The end result ensures longevity of TH72M alloy components while reducing negative impacts for both the environment and the people who manufacture your Helinox gear.

The intelligent choice

Whether you're looking for lightweight, reliable gear for your next outdoor adventure – or an elegant set of indoor/outdoor furniture – Helinox is the only smart choice.
Combining innovative design with advanced materials and superb attention to detail, Helinox products will give many years of enjoyment.
A proven track record of environmentally friendly production techniques means you can rest easy enjoying nature, knowing the people who make your Helinox gear love nature too.
Make the intelligent choice, choose Helinox.

Sitting is believing!

Shop our full Helinox Range

Helinox Chairs - Sitting is Believing

27 April 2018 by George Fisher

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