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October glacier training 2016

Image for article October glacier training 2016

Having recently got back from the Alps, I thought it was about time for another blog! October was my first time back on skis after injuring my leg in April and I was eager to get back to skiing and to see how it felt, and I was relieved it wasn’t any different! During the first 2 weeks I focused on slow skiing and getting the right feeling back (there’s no point starting off on the wrong foot - no pun intended ;)) and it was great to see the progression in my snowploughs! Don’t get me wrong… I could snowplough to start with; it was just little things like ensuring the pressure was on my ski at the top of the turn, and maintaining balance on the outside ski the whole time. I was also working on keeping my hips square (pointing down the hill) at the top of the turn so that I carve 100% of my turns, which in turn (haha) will make me a faster ski racer.

The first week was great, in the second week there was heavy snowfall for a few days which made it harder to do snowplough drills, and it also meant that the visibility wasn’t great all the time either, and so I really had to feel under my feet as to what I was skiing on and where I were going! Races can be like that too and it’s a real advantage to have spent time practicing in similar conditions. By the end of the second week I was focusing more on bringing the things I had been working on in my snowploughs into carved turns… This was really exciting, and it was fantastic to see the improvements coming on.

After the varying terrain in Hintertux (mainly very steep) moving to the glacier in Les Deux Alpes for the third week gave a contrast, because it is so flat! In my first run I remember continually thinking “now, where is the pitch” but it never came! This was awesome for me because it made it a lot easier to really bring everything together in my carved turns and I was able to start thinking about hopping into gates! I started in stubbies (tiny gates, only about knee height) and then I moved on to a short slalom course before finishing the week off in a GS course. It was amazing to get the feeling back in gates and so much fun too! I really can’t wait for the season to properly begin!

In case you were wondering what we actually did when we were training, below is a typical kind of day for October training:

6.30am Wake up

7.15am Leave the hotel for the lift

7.30am Arrive at the lift station and wait for it to open

8.30am Get on the first lift up

09.00am Start training on the hill

12 or 1pm (Depending on conditions) Finish training

1.30pm Lunch

2.30pm Nap

3.30pmSki prep (edging and waxing)

4.30pm Fitness

5.30pm Stretch, foam roll muscles etc

6.00pm Shower

6.15 pmSki prep(scraping the wax off the bases and brushing)

6.45pm Team meeting

7pm Dinner

8pm Video analysis

8.30pm Pack ready for tomorrow

9pm Sleep

So, as you can see, it’s really busy when we're training, but so much fun! We usually get to the lift early (in Les Deux Alps we were there an hour before the lift opened) so that we don't miss out on the best conditions at the start of the day. Also, it's usually very busy on the hilland there is only one way up to the glacier... Arriving when the lift opens would mean that we could miss the first hour or so of training, which wouldn't be ideal.

I’m back home now for another couple of weeks before heading back - first to Tignes, France and then to Aosta, Italy and I can’t wait to get back out there!

8 November 2016 by Francesca Lee

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