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Where am I? Where have I come from? Where am I going?

The three essential questions of life; equally applicable to home, travel or fell walking. Here at George Fisher we can try and help you answer these questions with the latest handheld GPS systems.

The first rule of navigation is to always know where you are. You stand a much better chance of getting where you want to be! Don’t get caught out in low cloud and end up in the wrong valley with all the hassle, expense and (sometimes) marital disharmony that follows.

Modern GPS units pick up a signal quickly, virtually anywhere, even in forests. A basic unit will give you an Ordnance Survey grid reference allowing you to confirm your position on a paper map. More high-spec units include electronic map displays, showing your location.

The GPS continues to monitor your location so a line appears on the map where you have walked, plus a trip computer gives times, distance, height gained, average speed and lots of other data making your walk more interesting. If you turn back due to the weather then this track can be saved, reversed and becomes your route back, adding a safety feature to your device.

Give the unit a grid reference where you want to go, and it will tell you how far you need to walk and in what direction. Units with an integral OS map display make this easier - just touch the screen or move the cursor to your required position and the GPS will calculate that grid reference. Now you have a line on the map and a direction of travel arrow making navigation in poor conditions much simpler.

The Garmin range of mapping GPS units take advantage of their Base Camp software, so you can plan a route in advance or enter key waypoints before you leave home. You can also do road-based car navigation on the same device.

Here at George Fisher we can explain all the important details that online retailers (and many other shops) fail to tell you about. We’ve had people bring new units in for advice and found that they haven’t been set up properly for the UK and settings are incorrect. Our service includes setting up your new GPS, explaining mapping and helping you get the best out of your new device. Come and see us to discuss navigation, answer questions and help guide you along your way safely, easily and hassle free.

24 May 2012 by George Fisher

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