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Abraham's Tea Room Round

Image for article Abraham's Tea Room Round

I will start with a confession. Are you ready? ...

I am guilty of day dreaming, a lot!

I know it may seem a slightly biased opinion, but I do not see it as a character flaw that only the bored or uninterested do. I strongly believe that day dreaming is a key way of channeling your imagination and creativity into whatever it is that you are doing. Albert Einstein said "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." I encourage you to start paying attention to your day dreams, and start planning to make your goals a reality.

All good and well you say, but what does this have to do with George Fisher. Well, as you know in 2017 George Fisher celebrates its 60th Anniversary. To mark this big occasion we are putting on a few special events throughout the year.  Day dreaming lead to the event that I am the most excited about. 

The view outside Abraham's Tea Room is beautiful, but can often be obscured by the weather. For that reason someone had the bright idea to paint the view above the window and label all the fells that usually supply a wonderful view of the local area. 

A few weeks ago my colleague Alan, who had clearly been daydreaming too, said to me "Tell ya wat Jacob. Garn round skyline from Tea Room would be a grand day out eh" Before I knew it we were discussing the route and the easiest way of bagging all the summits in a day. At lunch time we were pouring over maps, trying to find the lines with the least distance and ascent. It was not an easy task. After a few days of pondering on it, asking others for their opinion, and being told "it's a steep climb up their if you go that way!"

We created a 30 mile route with 12,000+ feet of ascent. *When asked, Andy Airey (previous General Manager) said this of the Tea Room Round - Michael Standring & I discussed this almost immediately after the mountain view was printed over the windows in Abraham’s. We went back to it a few times, thought about route & timings but never progressed further than that. It never reached to top of our to do list!

Abraham's Cafe Drawing

We created a route that starts at the doors of George Fisher. A short run out to Portinscale village before heading up and over the top of Catbells, down in to Little Town in the Newlands Valley - Past Newlands Church and up the grassy banks of Robinson -  Descending Robinson before running around shores of Buttermere - A steep climb up to High Stile and back down to Buttermere via Red Pike and Bleaberry Tarn - A long slog out of Buttermere up Whiteless Pike - Then head over to Crag Hill - Traverse along and then up Grisedale Pike, before doubling back to reduce the climb up Hopegill Head - Back towards Crag Hill From Hopegill Head, and up Eel Crag - Across to sail and Scar crags - Descend Causey Pike onto Rowling End - Drop down into Stoneycroft Ghyll before popping up the last fell of the day, Barrow - It's then back to Keswick and touch the doors of George Fisher. Phew! 


The route is 30 miles long and includes a whopping 12,000+ feet of ascent. The most difficult part of the route will be the Buttermere-High Stile-Buttermere section. Alan said on more than one occasion that it would be a nice route if High Stile wasn't included! 

"A little too far me in a day" I was told on several occasions by customers, friends and colleagues. I found myself being able to think about nothing else. It wasn't long untill a daydream had become a planned event for George Fisher's birthday celebrations. I made a daydream a reality. 

On Saturday 17th June*, I will be embarking on this route, which we have aptly named "The Abraham's Tea Room Round". Setting off from the doors of George Fisher at 9:00am and will try and make it before 5:00pm that day. I am hoping to receive expert support from some of the best runners in the local area, and my road support will be provided by Tall Paul and his VW Campervan. Regardless of what the weather does it will be a grand day out. Hopefully the cafe will be open for tea and cake on my return! 

(The fine details of the day are yet to be finalised, and the route may receive a bit of tweaking as I recce it.) 

Pay attention to your day dreams, they might lead you to greatness!

*Unfortunately Jacob didn't succeed on this attempt but we are hoping he may try again!  

24 February 2017 by George Fisher

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