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Win A Patagonia Micro Puff Hoody

Down insulation gets wet and loses its heat-trapping loft; synthetics never quite achieve the same warmth and compressibility. This is the perplexity of insulation. But after ten years of tinkering, Patagonia has managed to find a solution to the drawbacks of both. Using a filament that feels like down plumes, and a patterning construction that prevents shifting, clumping, or cold spots, the new Micro Puff Hoody with PlumaFill insulation is insulation reimagined.

A down-like synthetic with the best warmth for its weight of any jacket Patagonia has ever createdGeorge Fisher UK Patagonia Micro Puff Jacket WIN

There are three key components to the Micro Puff that work together to maximise its effectiveness: the PlumaFill insulation, the face fabric and the stitching pattern. The PlumaFill insulation is built from fluffy microfilaments that are spun around a continuous strand which creates a fibre that has the same softness, loft and warmth of down. However, the synthetic, stranded construction also means the fibres won’t migrate over time or lose their loft. The ultralight face fabric then works with the fibres to ensure they stay lofted and prevents cold spots forming. Finally, the discontinuous quilting pattern minimises the amount of stitch lines needed to stabilise the PlumaFill and allows warm air to pass throughout the whole jacket, rather than creating localised heat pockets.

It is the sum of all its parts that make the Micro Puff exceptional; no one element on its own could achieve the same level of performance

These three elements combined mean that the Micro Puff can be used either as an outer layer on its own in cool conditions, or as a lightweight layering piece on colder days. What’s more, this combination of features means that the Micro Puff will continue to keep you warm even when it’s wet, making it a versatile piece that is suitable for a wide range of conditions and sports. Whether it’s a cold belay, warming up after a long trail run, waiting out a storm or summer camping, you’ll never need to choose between weight, space or warmth again.

All you have to do is fill out your details and send the form in, and the winners – one male, one female – will be selected at random at the end of the promotion.

The entry deadline is 12 May 2018 at Midday - see entry form for full terms and conditions

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