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40 Years of GORE-TEX(r) products: Interview with Dr Heinrich Flik

Bob Gore, son of Bill and Vieve Gore, recognised in 1969 that PTFE had elastic properties under certain conditions. With that discovery, he invented the GORE-TEX® membrane and began an unprecedented story of success. Indeed, without this man, history could have followed a different path: Dr. Heinrich Flik, former chairman of the supervisory board and GORE pioneer.

Flik brought the first roll of a GORE-TEX® membrane from the United States to Europe and forged the alliance with the world of outdoor and adventure sports. In this video, he tells us how he turned Reinhold Messner into one of the first converts of this then-totally unique functional fabric, why a close partnership with athletes for the GORE-TEX® brand is so important, and why even today outdoor athletes rely on the waterproof, breathable power of GORE-TEX® products. And we’ll also tell you what that has to do with a tent! Take a look!


30 September 2016 by cblackwo

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