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Fraudulent activity

Please be aware that a fraudster is passing himself off as being from George Fisher Ltd.

The scam goes something like this ...

- a conversation ('phone calls and / or emails) to place an order

- an email with a purchase order attached (that looks nothing like one of ours, incidentally, but does use images lifted from our website)

- a back story about having email problems with the main domain, so only to reply/contact using the mobile number & email address supplied (typically hotmail or gmail).

and here's the sting ...

- some nonsense about missing an order cut-off date / time for next-day delivery, so requesting a pick-up direct from the supplier using our 'usual' couriers (and even promising to supply driver ID, etc).

Just to confirm that all of our purchase orders still look exactly like the ones that you're used to seeing from us and that none of the email addresses or details of your usual contacts in our buying team have changed. 

If you have any doubt whatsoever about the veracity of an order from us then please contact us first to confirm before falling for a scam such as this.




9 March 2017 by PaulChesh

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