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ABRAHAM’S TEA ROUND - 1st Winter Rounds

First, there was the Bob Graham Round. The daddy of them all, the Lakeland challenge that all fell runners aspire to. Then came the Snowdonia equivalent, the Paddy Buckley Round, followed by the Ramsey Round in the Cairngorms.

And now… step forward George Fisher’s creation, the Abraham's Tea Round! Inspired by the skyline view from our Abraham’s Café, the Round starts at George Fisher for a route taking in Newlands, Buttermere, Grisedale Pike and Causey Pike amongst others – 30 miles with 12,000+ feet of ascent: phew!

Since its inception last year, the Abraham's Tea Round has gone from being “a bit of a laff” to something than more and more fell runners are targeting. It’s even been featured in both The Fellrunner and Trail Running magazines! Everyone that does it gets a ‘Golden Teacup’, refreshments on us, and a bit of social media glory.

Latest ATR news over the last couple of months:

We’ve now had 37 people complete the Winter Round – classed as Dec, Jan, Feb – including the Ilkley Harriers Relay Team.
Brennan Townsend set a new round record with 5.54 – awesome!
Richard Pennock completed the first night round.
Julie Carter, of ‘Running the Red Line’ book fame, did a cracking time of 8.58 so we have a new Women’s V50 record.
Local fell hero Ben Abdelnoor completed a round (he’s actually bigger than he appears in the picture) ABRAHAM’S TEA ROUND - 1st Winter Rounds

As last summer drew to an end and light nights and long days eventually started to grow darker, our attention turned to a winter round. What would define a winter traverse of the tea round? Snow on the ground? The changing of the clocks? Or specific months over the year? After asking our group of hardy tea round finishers and tea round dreamers, we decided that we would define our winter round as the months of December, January and February. This being the same rules as the winter Bob Graham, we felt like we were in good company!

Those three months proved to be interesting in terms of winter conditions. Some were faced with waist high snow and battled their way to a warm cup of tea and piece of cake. Towards the end of February others enjoyed positively barmy conditions in shorts and t-shirts, making a B line for an ice-cream in Buttermere.

Whatever the weather, The Tea Round proves to an exciting and rewarding day out in the fells of the Lake District. Well done to everyone who completed a winter round.

Winter round finishers

Brennan Townsend - KAC (2nd Time + 1st Winter Round) 5.54**
Martyn and Helen Price (1st Couple + 1st Winter Round for a Couple!) 10.14*
Ilkley Harriers - Alison, Joyce, Mike, Jan, Paul, Jane, Helen, Rachel and Val 8.21
Richard Pennock (1st Night Round) 17.29*
Sophie Noon and Miriam Leonard (CRFC) 9.01
Ross Coles (Strathclyde University Harriers) 8.31
Bryony Halcrow (Harrogate AC) & Tom Simpson (Ambleside AC) 8.37*
Jason and Victoria Millward 10.04
Ben Abdelnoor (Ambleside AC) 8.10
Lucy Spain (Helm Hill) + Rachel Findlay Robinson (KAC) 10.43
Julie Carter (KAC) 8.58
Jon Heaney, Graham Lewis-Dale, Georgina Hinton-Lewis, Danny Ric (North Shields Poly) 11.06
Simon and Patrick Gray (1st Father and Son) 10.25
David Williams (Ellenborough AC) 10.35
Harvey Lord, Tim Ripper and Pup Harris (Black Coombe + Ambleside AC) 8.50
Victoria Miller and Neil Davies 12.16
Andrew Basford and Ed Poulter 9.51
Mark Smith (North Shields Poly) 10.17
Jacob Snochowski, Matthew Beresford, Jeremy Lefton (Ambleside AC) Ian Palmer 8.36
Kevin Barron and Jim Loudon 8.09
Paul and Jo Simpson 10.39
Michelle Crowley (run not tracked or verified) 8.20
Darren Graham (Todmorden Harriers) 8:38
Jon Morgan 12.35
Jack Wright (Ambleside AC) 7.35
Howard Seal - anti-clockwise 7.40

*Denotes the Fastest to Date - Women, Men, Team, Anti-clockwise (AC), Winter (Dec, Jan, Feb)
** Two records held  

28 May 2019 by George Fisher

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