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Reproofing service

We have a washing machine and a tumble dryer in-store for the reproofing of outdoor clothing. We use (and sell) Grangers products and follow washing instructions exactly for best results. See the difference in your waterproofs following a thorough cleaning and reproofing. Our machines are used almost exclusively for our reproofing service so there's much less risk of detergent contamination than when using your machine at home or at a launderette.

Please contact us to book if you're pushed for time and to avoid disappointment if the machines are busy. Reproofing usually takes a day (wash and dry):

  • 1 garment - £10
  • 2 garments - £15

Clothes reproofing with Grangers

View our range of washing & proofing products, from Grangers and Nikwax.

Waterproof Testing

We also have a sophisticated hydrostatic head testing machine capable of replicating water pressures far in excess of anything you're ever likely to encounter in the outdoors. Unless we're very busy in store you can watch us test your waterproof while you wait - it doesn't even have to have been bought from us.

Equipment Care

Look after your gear and it will look after you!

When looked after properly, good-quality equipment can give many years of dependable service, in the most demanding conditions. Even the toughest, most modern gear really needs to be cared-for and stored properly, though ... or it will let you down, eventually.

There are a lot of myths about how to care for your outdoor gear - especially boots and waterproofs - so ask us for a definitive guide that you can trust. At George Fisher we have built up many years of experience in the outdoors, in all weathers, and using all the gear that we have selected for the store.

Did you know, for example, that you should clean boots inside and out to avoid damaging the waterproof Gore-Tex membrane? Small pieces of grit, heather, the wrong insoles and, especially, your toenails being too long will damage your boots and invalidate your Gore-Tex guarantee.

Be aware, too, that a (confusingly-worded) manufacturer's "lifetime" guarantee usually means the lifetime of the product, not your lifetime!