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Hoka Tor Boots

Hoka Tor High Womens UK7 Fog/light Olive

I was given a pair of these to test in December and have been delighted with them. So much so I only take them off to go to bed (under duress).

They have felt supremely comfortable from the word go. I have worn them to work every day except when they have got so muddy I had to wash them and leave them to dry.

They have been on all my weekend walks and dog walks, so have been well and truly hammered.

I did use them once in deep powdery snow up Raven Crag and put on Kahtoola Microspikes to descend and they were great. (I have never been so tall).

I did suspect they might not be waterproof from really early on. Now I am sure they aren’t. If I stand in a puddle I can feel a fresh rush of cold water, the right one is worse than the left.

Having said that, I have really enjoyed using them, and would definitely buy a pair (even if they didn’t have a waterproof membrane as having dry feet is nice, but not necessarily my first concern). A little bit of ankle support and protection just makes them feel nice.

On paths, tracks and rock the grip has been great, even on wet grass they are pretty good, but hopeless in steep wet mud. Not that that’s a criticism, as not many things are.

I think they may be slightly wide in the forefoot for me as they tend to drift a bit when contouring for any length of time.

They seem to breathe well, and don’t get too hot in use.

I did wonder if I would feel a bit out of touch with the ground, and worried about my ankles, with them having such a deep sole, but I haven’t, they feel really positive.

Regarding the wear, the soles are starting to show signs of wear at the toe, but then they have been worn on pavements and at work on hard surfaces for 4 months. The leather part of the uppers have faded a lot but are still flexible and soft. I haven’t put any wax on them but have washed and treated with Grangers Footwear conditioner & proofer spray.

9 out 10, they are the only boots I have worn that make me feel like Florence and Zebedee at the same time! Thank you for letting me test them.

Wendy 22/3/16

24 March 2016 by Wendy

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