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Safety & Walk Plans

Walk Plans


A golden rule is to leave a note of where you've gone.  Should you not return, this helps mountain rescue teams enormously and gives them an idea of where to start looking for you! This can save a lot of time, for you and for everyone else involved. It could make enough of a difference to actually save a life.  Please feel free to print a walk plan or just use the questions as a guide when leaving a note.


Pick up a Walk Plan from your accommodation provider when staying in Keswick.  It offers you a free hot drink in Abraham's Café at the end of your day on the hill and enters you into a prize draw when returned to George Fisher. The draw happens once a quarter and the prizes are a George Fisher Gift Voucher for the walker AND for the accommodation provider.


For useful safety advice covering the whole of the Lake District check out the Lake District Search and Mountain Rescue Association website or pop into our store and ask any of us. There's more safety information on the Keswick MRT website, too.


Accommodation providers: You can have the George Fisher walk plan pads for free; simply pop into the store and collect your walk plans... or call us on 017687 72178 and we will get some to you.


Winter Safety Leaflet


If you are planning on heading to the hills in winter, you may want to read our Winter Safety Leaflet in preparation.  This leaflet is also available in-store.


Lake District Winter conditions


You can check the latest Fell Top Conditions and the MWIS Lake District weather report. The BMC also have created a useful booklet full of essential advice to help you plan a day out in the English hills this winter: Lake District: White Guide.  We have hard copies available instore for free.


Our Blog


Visit our blog and read posts on staying safe.