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Fisher's Favourites - Alaistair Humphreys

Written by George Fisher

Image for article Fisher's Favourites - Alaistair Humphreys

Friday 15th September, and for Today's Fisher's Favourite we have Alastair Humphreys.

“Humphreys is clearly slightly bonkers and this is a wonderful thing” – Geographical Magazine

Alastair Humphreys is a British Adventurer, Author and Blogger. He spent over 4 years cycling round the world, a journey of 46,000 miles through 60 countries and 5 continents.
More recently Alastair has walked across southern India, rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, run six marathons through the Sahara desert, completed a crossing of Iceland, busked
through Spain and participated in an expedition in the Arctic, close to the magnetic North Pole. He has trekked 1000 miles across the Empty Quarter desert and 120 miles round
the M25 – one of his pioneering microadventures. He was named as one of National Geographic’s Adventurers of the year for 2012.

For 2011 Alastair decided to remain in the UK in order to encourage people to seek out adventure and wilderness closer to home, challenging themselves through

Since then he has concentrated on his microadventures, encouraging people to get out and fit more adventure into their busy lives. He has worked with clients including
National Geographic, Talisker, Peugeot, Skoda, easyJet, Cartier, Victorinox, Vodafone, GoPro and Adidas on this movement. Alastair’s book, Microadventures, was an Amazon UK
Top 20 Bestseller for all books.

Alastair followed this up with a follow up book Grand Adventures. Its aim is to help you dream big, plan quick, go explore and have the biggest adventure of your life.
Alastair is a patron of the charity Hope and Homes for Children, the Youth Adventure Trust and the Yorkshire Dales Society.

Al can be found online at
Twitter and Instagram: @al_humphreys

"I think my favourite Keswick memory will be celebrating my 40th birthday with a pork pie on top of Blencathra at sunset one cold November afternoon. I drove up from London,
through the night, and sunrise revealed the fells covered in snow. I spent a lovely day running round the fells, then watched the sunset above Keswick. I nearly died on the
descent due to a lack of crampons and ice axe - should have gone shopping at Fishers'....