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Camping Cooksets & Eating Stove Systems

Camping Stoves & Fuel

Cooking outdoors in an intrinsic part of the camping experience and at George Fisher we understand that you need to have the right stove to work with.

Whether you are cooking up a storm at a campsite or rehydrating your food on top of a hill, the right camping stove will make all the difference.

Shop the full range of the best camping stoves at George Fisher, Keswick UK from brands such as Primus, MSR, Optimus, Jetboil and more!

Dynasty Trio
Dynasty Compact II
Powergas 230g
Powergas 100g
Powergas 450g
Powersource Gas Cartridge 220g
Powersource 445g
Powersource Gas Cartridge 100g
Butane Gas Cartridge Gas 002
Compact Gas Stove
Pierceable Gas Cartridge 190
Folding Gas Stove
CV 300 Cartridge
Powersource 227g Cartridge 4PK
Pocket Rocket 2 - Red / Grey
Stormproof Matches
Jetpower Fuel 230g
Jetpower Fuel 450g
Gas Bottle Regulator
Liquid Fuel 1L
Jetpower Fuel 100g
Fuel Stabilizer
Flash 2 - Carbon
Fuel Bottle Stock 0:5l
Filling Adapter - Silver
Dual Action Fire Starter
Spirit Burner B25
PocketRocket 2 Mini Stove Kit
Gel Fuel 200ml
PowerFuel 1L
Express Spider II Stove
Butane Aerosol Lighter Refill
Windburner 1L Personal Stove System
WhisperLite International
Winter Gas - 230g Canister
Polaris Optifuel
Solid Fuel Tablets
Piezo Igniter

Oex Novo Folding Leg Stove

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