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Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment

Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) can contain hazardous chemicals and should always be disposed of separately from household waste.

If simply put in the bin, WEEE may just end up in landfill sites where the chemicals can have seriously detrimental effects on human health and on the environment.

Items produced after 13 August 2005 should be marked with the WEEE symbol shown. These are classified as WEEE when they're no longer needed.

There is UK Legislation to address the environmental impact of WEEE and some companies join a 'Distributor Take Back Scheme' which helps to fund Local Authority & Council recycling in England & Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, enabling their customers to recycle WEEE responsibly at these facilities. (This is something that we are investigating).

When you buy any new electrical appliance such as GPS devices, camping lanterns, headtorches, pedometers, etc., you should take your old device to a recycling facility. Visit to find the nearest recycling facility to you where it will be dealt with safely, professionally & responsibly.

Here at George Fisher in Keswick, we will also take back your old equipment on a one-for-one basis when you purchase a new item from us.

Either bring your old item with you when visiting our store, or return it to: Customer Service, George Fisher, 2 Borrowdale Road, Keswick, Cumbria CA12 5DA.

You are responsible for the cost of returning your equipment to us and you should do this within 28 days of your new purchase, providing proof of purchase for our records.

Batteries are dealt with differently from WEEE. Please ask in-store about our collection point for recycling old batteries (rechargeable or single-use).

Find more information on these points and about recycling in general at:

If you have any questions about WEEE, or would like help with recycling your old device, please just ask us when you are upgrading your equipment.

Read more about our policy and performance on environmental issues here.