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Camping Tents Wild Camping Tents

Wild Camping Tents

While Wild camping is not permitted anywhere in the Lake District without prior permission from the landowner, there are still many types of campsites available.

At George Fisher we have a huge range of wild camping tents where the focus is on weight, pitching times, quality & comfort and ultimate protection against the elements.

Shop from our favourite wild camping tents from Hilleberg, Lightwave, M.S.R and more!

Elixir 2 | Two Person Tent
Dagger Osmo Lightweight 2 Person Backpacking Tent - Green
Hubba Hubba NX | Two Person Tent
Kaitum 2 GT | Two Person Tent
Hornet Osmo 2-Person Tent - Green
Tindheim 2-Person Tunnel Tent - Green
Elixir 1 | One Person Tent
Zephyros Compact | One Person Tent
Nexus UL 2 2-person Tent - Green
Ionosphere | One Person Tent
Akto | One Person Tent
Taurus 2P 2 Person Tent - Green
Arco 2P 2 Person Tent - Green
Nallo 2 | Two Person Tent
Niak 1.5 | Two Person Tent
Denali II | Two Person Tent
Helags 2 | Two Person Tent
Laser Compact 2 - Green
Nallo 2 GT Green | Two Person Tent
Nallo 3 GT | Three Person Tent
Kaitum 4 GT | Four Person Tent
Akto 1 Person
Anjan 2 | Two Person Tent
Nammatj 2 Gt 2 Person Tent - Red
Allak 3 | Three Person Tent
Allak 2 Green | Two Person Tent
Soulo BL | One Person Tent
Allak 2 Person Tent - Red
Soulo | One Person Tent
Hubba Hubba Bikepack 1-person Tent - Green
Nammatj 3 GT | Three Person Tent
Nevis 200 | Two Person Tent
Soul 300 3-Person Tent - Blue