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Travel Essentials Repellents & Sunscreen

Insect Repellents & Sunscreens

Whether it's midges or mosquitos, the sun or ticks, protect your skin with our range of insect repellents and sunscreens. Don't let the bitey, burny bits of nature ruin your time in the outdoors!

Midge Headnet
Expedition 100 Pro Spray - 100ml
Insect Repellent - 75ml
Pocket-sized - 18 ml
Midge/Mosi Head Net
Tick Remover Tweezers
Skin So Soft
Tick Remover Card
Expedition EX-4 Permethrin for Fabrics
Midge Head Net Pop-Up Hat
Expedition Sun - Lip Salve SPF20
Mosquito Smoke Coils
Mosquito Head Net
Citronella Tea Light Candles
Quick Untick
Mountain SPF50+ - 100ml

Oex Head Net Pro - Black

£9.00  £7.00

Mosquito Net Micronet - Single
MicroNet Mosquito Net - Double
Mountain Factor 50 Sun Cream Stick 20ml
Repeller Refill Pack
Expedition 50 Pro Spray - 100ml
Standard Mosquito Repellent Mat Refill Pack (6 Mats)
MR300 Portable Mosquito Repeller
Bite Relief Click
Midge Repellent
Halo Shield Mini Mosquito & Midge Repeller - Black
Natural Pest Repellent Pet Shampoo 200 ml