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Equipment Cleaning, Proofing & Repair Kits

Cleaning and Proofing

Help your new purchase last for years to come with the best cleaning and reproofing product.

Breathable waterproof clothing and footwear is most likely to get sweaty and wet inside when used in damp or wet conditions, and mucky on the outside too. To get the best from your waterproof, clean it well before adding new water repellency.

Shop the full range of cleaners and proofers at George Fisher, Keswick UK from brands such as Grangers and Nikwax!

Aquasure SR Shoe Repair
Nubuck and Suede Waterproofer Spray - 125ml
Greenland Wax - 90g
Tech Wash and TX.Direct Cleaning and Waterproofing Pack - 2x 150ml
Fabric and Leather Spray-on Waterproofer - 300ml
Footwear Brush
Tech Wash Outdoor Gear Cleaner - 1L
Fabric and Leather Waterproofing Spray - 125ml
Waterproofing Leather Wax Paste - 60ml
TX.Direct Spray-on Waterproofer - 300ml
Tenacious Tape GORE-TEX Fabric Patches
TX.Direct Wash-In Waterproofer - 300ml
G-wax 80g Tin
Footwear Cleaning Gel - 125ml
Tech Wash Outdoor Gear Cleaner - 300ml
Tent and Gear Solarproofer - 500ml
Footwear Repel Plus
Down Waterproofing - 300ml
Down Wash.Direct Down Gear Cleaner - 300ml
Fabric & Leather Footwear Care Kit - 2x 125ml
Fabsil 600ml Aerosol
Wash + Repel Clothing 2-in-1
Odour Eliminator
Performance Repel Plus
Performance Wash 1L Eco Pouch
Waterproof Leather Wax 100ml