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Climbing - Safety first

Written by George Fisher

Image for article Climbing - Safety first

Over these next few weeks, we are going to take a closer look at our climbing range here at George Fisher. From helmets to harnesses, ropes and rock shoes and all things hardware too. This will be the place to get clued up, whether you’ve just started out on your journey into climbing or you are a trad Jedi… We’re going to start with helmets and harnesses, two bits of kit that whilst climbing... you just can’t live without! 


A good climbing helmet should be comfortable and meet your needs for whatever activity you are doing. To be sold within the EU all helmets have to be put through the same tests and meet the same standards. These standards have to be either met or exceeded which gives some models of helmets more benefits than others.

Whether you're after a lightweight helmet for when weight is key, a workhorse to be used and abused or something super strong to give you extra protection when you need it, we have a great choice for all your needs. Trying helmets on to see which one fits you best. Pop into the shop to try some on and speak to a member of staff to find out more.

Rich on Ardus at Shepherds crag

Starting with the lightweight end of the spectrum we have the Petzl Sirocco. The Sirocco was designed for those looking to save weight and comes in at 170 grams, the lightest climbing helmet in the world! It is made of a hybrid construction of foam and a hard plastic shell on the top.

Next in line is the Black Diamond Vector helmet. The helmet is a hybrid shell with a larger plastic shell that covers the whole helmet and comes in a little heavier at 240 grams. ‘’Ideal for long routes, alpine climbs and other weight-sensitive missions, the Black Diamond Vector Helmet combines lightweight protection, excellent ventilation and "barely there" comfort like never before.’’

Next up we have the Black Diamond Half Dome. Completely redesigned the half dome is the most popular of the Black Diamond range. It weighs 340 grams and is an all-purpose workhorse ideal for everything from trad cragging to alpine expeditions.

A step up from the Half Dome we have the Petzl Boreo. The helmet is again a hybrid construction of hard shell and foam and is a perfect all-rounder. The Boreo is a tad lighter than the Half Dome at 295 grams but has an added bonus of Petzl’s own ‘Top and side’ impact tests as well as the usual standard tests, which gives it an edge over all of the Helmets on our list.

The last helmet on our list is the Wild Country fusion. This is a hard shell hybrid helmet which is the heaviest of our helmets weighing 370 grams. The Fusion has an added peak to add protection from rock or ice fall. ‘’Strong, slick and well vented, the fusion helmet is a great all-rounder for mountain or rock action.’’ Great for those wanting a tough helmet for a wide range of climbing.


Just like your helmet, your harness needs to be right for you. In the shop, you can try on our harnesses and hang around in one to make sure it’s comfortable and the correct size. Depending on where you want to take your climbing may influence which harness you buy. The number of gear loops, ability to carry ice screws and the amount of padding you will need are all factors you may need to consider.

Geoff Williams on New West Climb on Pillar Rock

To start us off we have the Petzl Corax. The Corax is a unisex harness and perfect for beginners. It has a double buckle waist loop which makes it easier to keep you gear loops in the right place. The Corax comes in two sizes, has 4 gear loops and an accessory loop in the rear center. It comes with adjustable leg loops which give you more options when wearing different clothing throughout the year.

Next, we have the Petzl men’s Adjama and women’s Luna. These harnesses come in 4 different sizes so offers more options for fit and comfort than the Corax does. It has a single buckle adjustment on the waist and adjustable leg loops. Like the Corax, it has 4 gear loops and a rear loop for hauling. The harness has no crossing seams which means no chaffing or compression zones whilst wearing it too.

Now we are onto the men’s and women’s Wild Country Mission harness. The harness comes in 4 sizes and thanks to its construction is super comfortable. The Mission has a single waist adjustment, 5 gear loops plus a haul loop too. The mission is perfect for those who are looking for a harness with a little bit more comfort and versatility.

The final harness in our list is the Wild Country Syncro. This harness offers great comfort and is perfect for a long day’s cragging. It has a whopping 7 gear loops so is perfect for winter climbing, it also features a double buckle waist adjustment system. The Synro comes in 3 sizes and is also currently on sale here at the shop!

With all of our harnesses, it’s best to try them on to make sure they fit and they're comfortable. The right harness for you may not necessarily be the one you had your eye on, but you’ll be thankful for taking the time to choose the right one after a long day climbing at your favourite lakeland crag!


Coralie Neil climbing Shoulthwaite Gill