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Boot Fitting

Our Legendary Boot Room

George Fisher legendary boot room

At the heart of George Fisher is our legendary Boot Room, where generations of hill walkers have come from around the UK to have footwear fitted by our expert staff.

Steps to the Perfect Fit

George Fisher legendary boot room

We listen to your specific needs and tailor our product selection to you.Taking into account your choosen sport wheather its Hiking , Fell running , trail running or mountaineering etc.

George Fisher legendary boot room

Before we can recommend footwear we need to assess your feet through our personalised footwear analysis to determine wheather we should recommend footwear with support or without. We also take the shape and length of your foot into concideration to determine the shoe that will match your specific foot profile for maximum confort and perfromance. Once we have this infomation we can determine the best fit for you.

George Fisher legendary boot room

Using the information we have collected we will use this information to reccomend the right footwear for you to suit your specific needs

George Fisher legendary boot room

Once we have determined the best fit we will also suggest a supportive footbed and suitable sock if appropriate

Correct Fit Guarantee

If, after using your footwear for a while your feet are uncomfortable, please contact us as soon as possible, If we cannot resolve the problem, we will refund an appropraite value against another pair of footwear. Terms and Conditions apply.


George Fisher is one of the Uk's leading outdoor equipment and clothing specialists and a regular winner of the OIA 'Outdoor Retailer of the Year' award. Founded in 1957 and located in the heart of Keswick, we take pride in our reuptation for offeringthe best service in the industry wheather it be sales advice or aftercare.

We've been working closely with leading footwear manufacturers for many years and in some cases decades. This means we get the right models for the unique Lakes environment... and you get the highest standard of product.

We provide a specialist boot fitting service on all footwear. We start by measuring your feet and take account of all factors which affect comfort. Only staff who are tained and qualified in boot fitting work in our boot rooms. Our team attend regular training camps to ensure their skills are spot on.

You can be sure you are not only getting the best possible service but also benefitting from knowledge accumulated over 60 years.

We encourage everyone to spend time talking to us about thier planned use for thier footwear amd any particular potential problem areas - don't worry, we've seen it all before! Along with being certifed, our staff are all outdoor lovers themselves and can realte to your situation.

Ask one of our team for specific advice on recommended cleaning and/or protective products and techniques.

When it comes to buying a new pair of boots or shoes, it is always a good idea to treat yourself to a new pair of socks as this will enhance the fiitng process.

The most important thing you can do once you have purchased new footwear is to look after it properly from the start - it will perfrom better and last much longer. Be careful not over treat your boots with wax as this can have a detrimental effect on thier perfromance and make repairs much more difficult.

Leather footwear needs to be maintained periodically with proofers such as Grangers G-Wax or Nikwax Waterproof wax to ensure that they remain supple and water repellent.It should not be necessary to do this after evry outing - sometimes a good clean will suffice. Before wearing your leather footwear outdoors for the first time, we reccomend that you go over all the stitching with one of the products shown here.

Generally made using suede and nylon with an additional waterpoof membrane such as Gore-Tex, footwear still needs to be treated with conditoner to protect the uppers and stop them from absorbing water - Nikwax is ideal.

Footbeds should be removed and cleaned after every walk and grit, stones or other debris that gets into the footwear should be removed as soon as possible as they don't puncture the waterproof membrane.

We can't stop your kids feet from growing, but we can help you with our Junior Boot Exchange. Bring them back clean and dry with their original receipt, and depending on their conditon you could get up to 50% pff a new pair. Terms & Conditions apply.

For all boot and footwear repairs we reccomend Lancashire Sports Repairs (LSR), Specialists in resoling , eyelets , stitching and more.

Lanchashire Sports Repairs Ltd


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