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Fisher Fit …what is it and why is it so important?

Written by George Fisher

We see so many people on website forums saying ‘what are the best boots to buy?’ or ‘which jacket is the most waterproof?’ These forums or groups are great places to get advice like this and they can be very helpful, like asking a friend. A word of advice though, no two people have the same shaped feet, bodies or needs so ultimately the best thing you can do is try things on!

We can’t stress this enough, there’s nothing that can beat actually trying on the boots, the jacket or even the hat to know whether it’s the right ‘fit’ for you. Here at George Fisher we’ve been helping find ‘the right fit’ since 1957, that’s over 60 years, longer than most of us have been on the planet! While internet shopping is fast, easy, private and can be done any time of the day, week or year, we might be a bit biased here BUT actually walking into a shop is still the best thing for buying the right outdoor gear.

George Fisher since 1957 Keswick UK

We do everything we can to make sure we have as many choices in shapes and sizes of everything we stock from boots to beanies,
we have what we like to call the ‘Fisher Fit’.


We have.. boots that are designed to take bunions, jackets for short and long bodies, trousers with short, regular and long lengths, hoods for helmets or no helmets, gloves for people who run hot or cold, socks for mountain boots or running shoes and regular and long sleeping bags.

    We really do have something to suit every BODY!

    Fisher Fit 2020

    We are very lucky, our buyers are a small but powerful team that work in the building and get daily feedback from the staff on the shop floor. They can see what is selling, they talk to customers and they have both been in the outdoor business for over 20 years.

    George Fisher Lisa Bergerud

    Lisa started with Fishers over 30 years ago, on the shop floor. Her passion for the outdoors is contagious and she knows that the right kit can make a big difference to our experiences. Jon has been in the outdoor industry since 2005 and has been with Fishers for over 10 years now. A member of the Mountain Rescue team and a very keen camping man, Jon is conscious of the literally life saving features that come along with every tent, sleeping bag and rucksack on the market.

    Jon our equipment and book buyer said this about our range “the wide range of fit options in equipment can be easily overlooked, but has a real effect on your comfort and performance. An overly large sleeping bag will feel less warm, a rucksack with too short a back will be uncomfortable and feel heavier to carry and a pair of sunglasses that doesn’t fit securely will only get in the way!”

    Both of them go on extensive ‘shopping trips’ twice a year, in November buying for Autumn/Winter
    and in June for Spring/Summer of the next year.  

    These trips can take up to 4 weeks to complete with both of them travelling the length and breadth of the country.  So the kit you see in the shop NOW was all bought by Jon and Lisa, last year! They have to know what they’re doing a year ahead! In between these buying trips they are keeping an eye on the kit that you are buying now. This is to make sure there’s enough, see if they need to change anything and to work out what they are missing from the range.

    Ultimately we are all very passionate about the outdoors and want to make sure that everyone we talk to or help gets the best advice and the ‘right fit’ for their next adventure. So Lisa and Jon have to make sure they are getting the right technical clothing for as many different shapes and sizes as they can, it’s like a very very complicated rubics cube of options and combinations.

    You only have to see them both in action, with the brands, to see how much they care about getting the right gear, for you! They both ask to see the full range, to learn about any new technology, talk about whether or not they feel ‘our customers’ need this particular product. They have to think about the seasons both here in the Lake District but also in the rest of Europe and the World. Making sure that anyone who walks in looking for trousers, shoes, gloves, hats, shirts, bags, tents, climbing gear and jackets can find something to suit their needs, body size and budgets.

    Then there’s our staff! Our staff get regular training sessions from all of our brands.
    We open at 10 am on a Wednesday which allows an hour training session every week.

     George Fisher staff training

    All of our brands take advantage of this, they come in with a wealth of facts, figures and a whole box of questions for our staff. They want to know that our staff understand the products, can advise you correctly and ensure that when you buy your next exciting piece of outdoor kit, it will keep you warm, dry, comfortable, cool or whatever you need it to do!

    George Fisher Staff - Amy

    We see a huge variety of customers throughout the year, all of them with different needs and adventures planned. We pride ourselves on being able to help everyone from the winter dog walker to someone off on an Everest expedition and all the exciting bits in between. Our staff take the time to ask the right questions, discuss your needs and give you the best options to consider, whether it’s your first GPS unit or your 10th pair of crampons and ice axes.

    Behind the scenes, we have a team of two amazing individuals, Wendy and Carol, who keep our stock coming in and ensure it gets to the shop floor as soon as it arrives. Our stockrooms get very full and have to be managed with military precision to make sure it's easy to find what we're looking for and to ensure we always have the right products available at the right time.

    Our well-trained army of 50+ staff are all here to help you find the right gear so if you're ever in the Lakes, come in and see us. And the next time someone says to you ‘What boots do you recommend’ point them in the direction of their nearest outdoor shop and suggest that they need to get the right advice, try on as many pairs as possible and make sure they find something that fits their feet – both of them!