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The Dimming of the Day

Written by George Fisher

Image for article The Dimming of the Day

People regularly say to me "We had a great walk, we didn't see a soul all day" and in truth I’m happy for them, however it’s never been a philosophy I’ve subscribed to. I’ve never made secret my love of walking alone; my route, my pace, quite often wandering aimlessly for hours on end and with no requirement to rush home. I do however love to see others dotted around.

I always enjoy those short exchanges with passers by, “Where have you come from, where are you heading?” a smile and a kind word, a comment on the weather, a mutual appreciation of our surroundings.

I like to think too, that as I stand on say Green Gable looking over Base Brown magnificent and orange as it catches the last of the evening sun, that the silhouetted figure on the neighbouring fells is seeing what I am seeing and savouring it with the same feeling of contentment as I am or that other person on the coast at the dimming of the day is also wishing like me, that sun would remain in the sky for just that little bit longer.