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Go Herdwick with our Fell Top Georgy

Written by George Fisher

Image for article Go Herdwick with our Fell Top Georgy

As part of The Calvert Trust Anniversary Celebrations, 2016 will see the central Lake District invaded by a flock of life sized decorated fantasy Herdwick ewes, appearing in unexpected places - all paying homage to the Herdwick’s iconic status and all in support of the trusts 40th Anniversary Capital Fundraising Drive.  

Money raised will help fund the c £1.3m capital redevelopment of Old Windebrowe. Find our more on  As part of the Go Herdwick campaign George Fisher have bought and had decorated one of the ewes. We have named her "Fell Top Georgy".

After her George Fisher photoshoot, Fell Top Georgy will be reunited with her fellow ewes for some more press work. Her first outing was for the Cumbria Life Magazine.  

The Herdwick's will take to the fells this Easter, along the route of the 555 bus service, which includes Keswick, Grasmere, Rydal, Ambleside and Windermere. They are there until the end of the school Summer holidays. If you see Fell Top Georgy (or any of her friends) out and about, be sure to take a picture and share it with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using @GeogerFisherUK #GoHerdwick.

Here is a bit about Fell Top Georgy and the artist who painted her:

My tracks, Your tracks

From the sheep: My Herdwick tracks are on the hills, yours are the roads. The rivers and streams are important, white as they tumble down the hillside. There are some folds where humans congregate, two large ones at the big town.

From the artist: This is a quirky stretched map designed to fit a sheep, not to be tucked under your arm for a walk on Skiddaw or Blencathra! If something is missing, don’t forget it is a sheep map. Where the map joins is a row of sheep and at the sides the imagined extensions. The colours are meant to stand out in the landscape.

Fell Top Georgy comes from a long line of Herdwicks who have live on the fells around Keswick. 

Christine Hurford
From Penrith (somewhere off the mouth end).

Written by staff memebr Victoria Kimber.