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REBOUND RESULT George Fisher Keswick

Written by George Fisher

Image for article REBOUND RESULT with Andrew Stanley

Andrew’s Rebound Clinic in Settle is celebrating a significant anniversary, opening in 1999; it will have been operating for 20 years in December 2018, in that time Andrew has worked with George Fisher since 2001.

After treatment, people often write in to Andrew and here we have another success story, this time from Les Gordon of Ambleside.

REBOUND RESULT George Fisher Keswick

“I developed Achilles tendinopathy from an old calf injury that caused shortening of the Achilles tendon, and my wife has slightly clawed toes causing metatarsal pain. We had heard about the Rebound Clinic via George Fisher back in 2006, so we made an appointment at the Settle clinic. We liked Andrew’s manner, the advice he gave us about exercises and, in my case, calf stretching. He took casts of our feet and provided us with temporary orthotics. These matched our feet perfectly, and for me included a 3mm heel lift to take the tension off the tendon. They helped a lot, so Andrew made us permanent orthotics.

“Progress with my Achilles was slow. In retrospect, this reflected the difficulty of the condition rather than the orthotic. I visited two other podiatrists. One used a pressure mat to record my foot placement and made an orthotic based on that. However, this overlooked the fact that my problem arose because of an old injury, so the orthotic was unsuccessful, even after readjustment. The second podiatrist sent to the USA for the orthotic, but without precise measurements of my feet, this also was unsuccessful. Over the next year, Andrew’s orthotic plus calf stretching did the trick and I became symptom-free and able to walk normally.

“My wife’s story is similar. She needed an orthotic with a dome-shaped cushion under the metatarsal heads – something two other podiatrists were not prepared to do, but Andrew was.

So now we only go to Andrew if we have a problem, preferably at George Fisher for convenience.

In the last year, different foot problems necessitated a new cast of my feet and new orthotics. These are really comfortable and things have improved. Clearly, foot problems are complex. By the time our feet ache, things have probably been out of kilter for some time. It’s little use focusing on the foot if there is something pulling it out of position. You also need to consider what the foot is telling you, like the dome needed by my wife. The patient must also do his/her bit, through stretching etc. What we have liked about Andrew’s approach is that he understands feet and his orthotics match our feet precisely. He doesn’t use complex imaging techniques but, in our cases, they weren’t necessary.

Can Andrew sort out all foot problems? Hard to say, but our experience suggests it is well-worth giving him a try!”

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