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Teva Terra Fi Lite women's leather sandals review

Written by George Fisher

Image for article Teva Terra Fi Lite women's leather sandals reviews

Sandals? Those uncomfortable flat-soled things with no grip, right? Wrong. Tevas have opened my eyes to a new realm of footwear which is super comfortable, ready for anything, with maximum breathability and best of all they can tan your feet! A day after picking up some Teva sandals I went to Greece on holiday and put them to the test.

My concern was that the sole was going to be too thin and hard. Sandals that I have owned previously have had little to no ‘bounce’. After a knee operation four months ago, I was keen to have something spongey so the impact wasn’t going to irritate my knee. My worries washed away from the moment I first tried them on, they felt just like my favourite trainers! Five stars so far.

Whilst in Greece, I was able to do 15,000 steps a day, and found the sandals impressive over all surfaces. Pebble beaches? No problem. Sandy beaches? No problem (although I did kick up some sand, but that soon came out!), Over rocks? No problem. Loose dried dirt uphills? No problem. Tarmac? No problem (I think you get the idea!). They exceeded my expectations and proved to be a very versatile, with a grippy all-round sole, ready for anything.

Then there’s comfort. I’ve definitely had my fair share of sandal blisters in my lifetime. I’ve got really long narrow feet and I’ve struggled in the past to find well-fitting footwear. The Tevas I have (Women’s Terra Fi Lite Leather) have four adjustable Velcro straps (basically everything that touches your foot except for the sole is adjustable) which makes them extremely comfortable and a great fit for feet of every shape and size I can imagine (assuming you get the right sole length!). Velcro makes the Tevas very easy and quick to pop on and off and adjust to get the perfect fit. The backing of the strap that touches your foot is nice and soft to make sure you don’t get any irritation from the straps. I found my feet were always kept snugly in place.

Overall these are hands down the best sandals I have ever had! Their comfort and tread is absolutely fantastic and I can’t wait to continue using them when I return to Keswick. Five out of five stars, I love them.

Francesca Lee 

I’m not sure how this has happened, but recently I counted my pile of Teva sandals & was shocked to discover I now have 10 pairs! The newest are a pair of women’s Elzada leather which are a real departure from all my previous sporty ones, and they’re my first pair of ‘going out’ sandals. I’m wearing them right now, with a dress, on the Greek island of Evia & i feel pretty smart, & having walked around steep cobbled alleys for most of the day am really glad they’re as comfy as my trusted Hurricanes.

I got my first pair of Teva Originals nearly 30 years ago & went around the world with them (& a pair of 4 season boots), so they got a lot of wear! They lasted many years, so when they finally gave up, I was happy to replace them. My first pair of Terra-Fi’s followed. I remember wincing slightly at the price, but with shock pads in the heels, extra neoprene cushioning on the straps & a hiking sole, I decided they were worth every penny after I wore them up Scafell Pike on a fine summer’s day. I’ve got terra-floats for swimming in, mush thongs for lounging around in & a couple of different colour Terra-Fi Lites just because they’re really comfy & nice designs. I’m a keen lake swimmer & have realised that fabric Tevas need regular dunking in water. Mine don’t smell, because I swim in them regularly, but some friends who never even paddle, never mind wash theirs, complain they can stink after a few weeks wear. I always point out that the same could be said for socks if you never washed them, which you do, so there’s the solution, swim in them or wash them....that’s what they were designed for.... don’t expect them to smell of roses when they’ve been looking after sweaty feet for weeks!
Unfortunately, I think these Elzada’s won’t be my last pair of Tevas!


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