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The Junior Boot Exchange | George Fisher

Written by George Fisher

George Fisher Ambassador Jen Grange recently visited us in-store in Keswick to experience our Junior Boot Exchange with her two children Rosie and Robin, this is how they got on ...

Isn’t it annoying when your kid’s feet grow so fast! It feels like we go up a shoe size each month - and it’s expensive!

If you want to go fell walking with your family, it can become a nightmare. But fear not, there is a solution to the ever-expanding feet of your children (and it doesn’t involve bonsai!)

George Fisher helpfully have their junior boot exchange. It’s very simple; you buy a pair of boots and when they are too small, you bring them back to exchange them for a new pair. They look at the condition of the returning boots and take the value of those off your new pair. The bonus of this is that you get a decent brand of boot e.g. Meindl, that you know will support their precious feet and ankles on a long walk in the fells.

The best thing about buying boots from George Fisher though, is the service. They take great care to make your little ones feel at ease. They measure the children’s feet to make sure they have the correct size and then spend the time with you to make sure they are just right! Rosie had been insisting her favourite purple boots were fine, but her toes told us otherwise! We were served by Carolyn who spent ages with us, making sure we had the right socks (pink of course!) and trying several different boots and sizes before we got the right ones! Rosie had great fun walking (or charging) up the ramp and across the stones and when we had found the perfect fit (a pair of Meindl Minnesotas) she was delighted and wouldn’t take them off!

If you don’t want to enter into the exchange you can always take a look the second-hand boots at a very reasonable price.

The added bonus of going in the shop, of course, is the tempting display of women’s clothing (if you are a mummy) on the ground floor and the excellent coffee and cake in the café once you have made your purchase!

When asked where she would like to try out her new boots Rosie (age 5) and her brother Robin (age 7) decided on Skiddaw! So, one sunny-ish morning we headed up there (with the rest of Cumbria it seemed) to test them out. We played plenty of games on the way up, I-spy, guess who etc., and got to the top with great elation from the children who got very excited and waved at every relation and friend they could think of from the top! The wind had dropped enough to eat our picnic on the top so with full tummies we headed back down. They both slept very well that night and mummy and daddy enjoyed a nice glass of wine in peace!